A Signage Solutions
for Your Industry


Use touch screen kiosks to showcase off the shelf accessories, brochures, tires, inventory etc. Also Showcase people personalized options and details about features and packages. Eliminate cost of printing and hanging showroom advertisements. Add on to the revenue by cross selling high margin add-ons. Use Screens to show Service menu, service specials, Spare parts, service appointment schedules, sales leader-board for internal communication etc. Decrease the perceived waiting time by entertaining and educating people in waiting areas.Use outdoor Digital Signage to show high resolution content on large video walls.


Making sure the message reaches out to them and does not get buried under endless mails. Inform them about the latest do, offsite or get-together organized by the company. Important messages from the CEO and helping to get them across. Effective tool to remind employees for document submissions and other important HR announcements. Great place to showcase 'Star performer of the month' or the 'Best sales associate. 


Policy, Rules, Important safety notifications, Timings Updates: Ensures students don't miss out on the important announcements from the management. Interactive Content for Syllabus, Exams, Outstanding teachers and Award-winning students: Creates more excitement and competitive spirit among the students. Upcoming Event/Functions, Academic and Enrollment Dates: Helps keep the students and faculty updated about the latest happenings at the institution. Recent Achievements: A convenient platform for conveying the latest achievements of the college/school/institution. Interactive content that allows students to take a time out between classes and lectures. Help new students/parents by giving information about new books, admissions, student portal highlights etc.in areas such as the book-store, lobby, libraries campus shops and snack bars without manually having to change information every-time it has to be updated.


The entertainment industry runs on providing content that is fresh, entertaining and pleasing to the eyes. Septa Technologies helps create and deliver content that is truly eye-catching and generates word-of-mouth promotions for the brand. Highly relevant in both cinema halls and theme parks. Effective for showing ticket availability, prices and new arrivals.


Latest Policy Updates pushed out instantaneously to screens all over the country. Save Money and environment by using Digital Displays and reduce paper wastage. Keep the audience up-to-date on weather and warnings, local and world news etc. Queue Management at major public service counters to reduce wait time by employing Septa's latest QUEMA (Queue Management System).

Apart from the above Industries, disgital signage solutions can be applied to multiple other industries as well because it's a concept and concept can be applied anywhere. Other industries which are suitable for digital signage are

  • Hospitality/Hotels

  • Health Care

  • Resturants

  • Retails

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